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The Centre of Electron Microscopy of the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences - University of Bologna deals with the development,
the application and the scientific dissemination of the various and different Electron Microscopy methodologies and related techniques.

Instrumental and Methodological Expertise:

  • Electron Microscopy (TEM, HRTEM, SEM, ESEM, VP-SEM, LV-SEM, STEM) and Microanalysis (SI-Li, SDD-EDS, WDS, PEELS)
  • Micro(µ)-fluorescence in SEM device
  • Optical microscopy (classic and crystallographic ones), grey-tone analysis
  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Mineralogy
  • Finite element analysis (MEMS, ed elettromeccanica)
  • Monte Carlo simulations of SEM-EDS microanalysis
  • Sample preparation for different analytical approaches

Application fields:

  • Medicine
  • Biology and Microbiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Food Science
  • Crystallography, Chemistry, Mineralogy
  • Engineering, Material Science
  • Solid State Physics

Management Expertise:

  • Project Management
  • Industrial inter-relationships
  • Cultural event organization
  • Patent and Technological tranfer

For information, please write to:
Scientific Manager: Prof. Giovanni Valdrè
Info centre: info@cme-bo.it

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